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Carrousel Cake

23 May

Yes the title is correct!! carrousel cake!! when our bestman asked me to create a carrousel cake my mind started to think of the structure straight away and said to my self “what the heck?! how am I gonna build it?! I ain’t Duff Goldman from the Ace of Cake!!!”. It took me longer to think and imagine how to construct the cake rather than creating the cake it self.

The cake is for his girlfriend’s 21st bday. She loves carrousel and actually collecting them. It’s a challenge for me to create this cake, and i love beautiful challenge!

I always make their birthday cakes from year to year and their request is getting crazier each year.. oh yeah they started with something easy but now the sky is the limit!!! but Im enjoying and love creating whimsical cakes for them ☺


ehmm okay.. the cake is the one on the right.. the left one is a present for her. Lucky girl!! two carrousels in one day! one is turning and has a music and the other one is edible!!


I was so happy that I jumped up and down after assembling the cake!!
oh wait the birthday girl was even happier than me!!! she loved it so much and couldnt take her eyes off it!!!


Leave a comment down below and tell me what you think!! 🙂

Happy Baking!!


Little Princess Cake

14 Apr


I had so much fun creating this week birthday cake. The couple love my previous design but they want some changes to make it look prettier. They are the sweetest parents ever!!

This is the cake I did for their friend’s daughter’s bday. They love the ribbon roses and royal icing roses on top tier. So as you can see they kinda look similar but not exactly the same.


The cake it self is a very light and moist sponge cake, it is called Lapis Surabaya and is a very popular cake from Indonesia. It has soft texture almost like cotton but not as fragile or crumbly as cotton cake.. you got me?
Anyway, what do you think about the cake? I personally love the latest design.. look simpler and neater!!

I’ll post more of my creations and recipes once I got a free time!! so bare with me =)

Happy baking!