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Cute Easter Cupcakes (with a twist)

8 Apr


Happy Easter everyone!!!
I know I know.. it’s been a while since my last post.. not gonna lie but was too lazy to do the editing and stuff plus my crazy daily routines. So I decided to install wordpress on my iPhone to make my life a lil bit easier. No more excuse now!

Anyway.. today is Easter!! that means holiday! and I have extra time to bake for my self!! I had crazy conversation about choc easter with my collegue last night that made me ended up with this!!!

yess!! Candy bars ( Reese, Turkish Delight, Caramel, & Bubble by Cadbury)!!! I know a cupcake by itself is sinful enough, but trust me.. adding these sweeties will make it even better and more sinful!! 😉

So here is the result!!! I tried the Turkish Delight one.. which is fantastic and I added turkish delight pieces into the chocolate buttercream mixture!! It is such a cool idea!!


All Cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream (except the turkish delight).. and because it is easter, I randomly hiding the candy bars into every cupcakes.. so everyone gotta guess which candy bar they will get from the cupcake!! ha!!! it’s easter remember?? hunting is a must 🙂

I’m giving these sweeties for my colleagues and new neighbours!! 😀

Happy Easter!!!